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Aadhar card   Question   03/13/2018 09:22 PM  
How to apply for Indian Aadhar card if you are residing here?
Its been over an year since I last visited India.

Re: Aadhar card   Shah   03/13/2018 09:34 PM  
It needs your fingerprint in Government software,I dont think it can be done here

Re: Re: Aadhar card   ?????   03/13/2018 09:58 PM  
U don’t need it adharcard modi pass law

Re: Re: Re: Aadhar card   Ct Desi   03/14/2018 12:52 PM  
Get it on your next visit. I got it two weeks ago.

Re: Aadhar card   Question    03/15/2018 02:02 PM  
Thanks for the reply everyone. My indian bank sends automated emails that if I don’t get aadhar card added on my account by 31st march, it will be closed. So am kind of confused what to do.

Re: Re: Aadhar card   info   03/16/2018 05:09 PM  
Do you know that if you been outside of country (India), you are not allowed to hold a normal (resident) bank account?
So technically as per bank you are still living in India, so they askign you to update Aadhar.
You should open NRI/NRO a/c and move funds there.

Re: Aadhar card   RQ   03/16/2018 08:18 PM  
Modi is the awesome example how to screw up a great idea!

let it be
- aadhar
- demonetization
- gst
- lokpal
- defence
- religious tolerance
- relationship to other countries
and what not !!!

Let us try marketing cow poop while farmers who own cow die !!

My accounts have same problems too !! SBI need me to go to consulate and attest the document and send to them for converting Saving to NRO !!! Hell to indian governance !

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