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Extra baggage   sara   01/09/2017 03:41 PM  
Hi, Is any one travelling to Chennai is kind enough to take an extra baggage along?
I can pay for the airline baggage charges. I am sending few baby items for a new born.

Please email me : saraharict (at) gmail.com

Re: Extra baggage   peace!   01/10/2017 02:34 PM  
you must be kidding my friend

Re: Extra baggage   Ch   01/10/2017 02:59 PM  
Where are you located? I am going to Chennai on Feb 1st from JFK.

Re: Re: Extra baggage   Sara   01/10/2017 03:58 PM  
Hi ,
Can I get your email ID. Thanks a lot for replying.

Re: Re: Re: Extra baggage   Ch   01/10/2017 11:56 PM  
My email.. charanpeddi (at) gmail.com

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