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Regarding new rule about H1B   Desi   01/08/2017 01:34 PM  
I saw some news papers related to H1 new rules those are as below.

The bill among other things increases the minimum salary of H1B visa to US$ 100,000 per year and eliminates the Masters Degree exemption.i understand the first part minimum wages should be 100K$ and what about second point , is the master degree mandatory for apply new H1B or is it applicable for old H1B holders also. i have done my bachelor degree that why i am asking this question . Please clarify my question .

Re: Regarding new rule about H1B   Answer    01/08/2017 06:26 PM  
Masters not mandatory ! Normally ppl who does masters here used to have priority on h1b lottery system ! Now they don't have priority as per the new bill if it's get passed

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