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investing in stocks   LearnStockMarket   12/02/2016 10:04 AM  

Re: investing in stocks   J   12/02/2016 10:12 AM  
l like trading

Re: Re: investing in stocks   GT   12/02/2016 10:15 AM  
do you have any suggestions ??

Re: Re: Re: investing in stocks   YT   12/02/2016 10:15 AM  

Re: Re: Re: Re: investing in stocks   tt   12/02/2016 10:16 AM  

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: investing in stocks   pl   12/02/2016 10:16 AM  
If any suggestions for investment group forms or good stocks to buy or trusted subscriptions monthly sites

Re: investing in stocks   sk   12/02/2016 10:18 AM  
Stay away from stocks, the stock market rally started from 2009 and its peak at 2016.There is little room, may be for few months.
Only buy after huge market crash like 2008.

Re: Re: investing in stocks   KRK   12/02/2016 01:05 PM  
its better to invest when market is under correction.Those who invested in 2008 got good return when rally started.When the market is in bear time we can buy more shares of any companies with low price.So watch the market buy.Best of luck

Re: Re: investing in stocks   AD   12/02/2016 01:29 PM  
There is no bad time for investment. I was fortunate to gain over 60% this year starting from Jan 2016!. Just offloaded last week as i need money for another purpose.

If we can study market and take decisions quick we can still make money!

Re: Re: Re: investing in stocks   TT   12/02/2016 03:21 PM  
can you suggest me few useful links or forms for learning market.

1. trusted sites - subscriptions for trading
2. Investment group forms

Re: Re: Re: Re: investing in stocks   AD   12/02/2016 05:53 PM  
this is what i do

thump rule 1
No one knows what stock to give best return if that was the case they will do that themselves and become billionaire themselves.

thump rule 2
Understand equity, read what is fundamental analysis and technical analysis. This will help to choose the stock which is strong fundamentally and technically

thump rule 3
Each person need principles of investment like minimum amount of transaction, sustainability, what % to invest, how to manage liquidity etc

thump rule 4
pay attention to big picture like overall political and economic environment with in and outside the country.

thump rule 5
try to learn how to be strong with head and mind. Sometimes it helps to take decisions, stick with it or take loss and move out! or even book profit

there are much more; it comes with experience!

Happy investing

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: investing in stocks   Desi   12/02/2016 07:33 PM  
What is Thump?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: investing in stocks   Ruhi   12/03/2016 07:24 AM  
Haas haa has haa .... Useless copy & paste post

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: investing in stocks   AD   12/03/2016 09:11 AM  
i take that as a complement ! what ever typed has at least a copy paste standard ! thanks

Re: investing in stocks   Happy Trading   12/04/2016 01:03 PM  
I will Strongly Suggest to invest in stock market but be careful.

Can you do your own open heart surgery ?
Can you drive a Car or Fly a plane or fight during war without professional training.

Many of us will suggest you some tricks but do not listen to them because that does not work for everyone.

I am in stock market and have been trading & investing for 15 years now. I lost nearly 20 Lakhs but in past 4 to 5 years i recovered all losses with prime interest , my portfolio value is around 93 lakhs now.

I suggest all house wife's ( Not going for Job while on L2 /H4 ) to start investing in stock Market. House wife's can be a good investor.

I can recommend you to try to contact www.smpulse.com ... .not sure, If they are providing services or not.
I have met their board in India, they are excellent about their strategy to deal with stocks & commodities.

90 % of indian website based stock advisory companies are
fake today. I am a full time trader and i do visit board of directors before investing in stocks.

I am In india but was in USA for around 5 years.

Re: Re: investing in stocks   Mohit das   12/04/2016 05:57 PM  
Thank sir .

www.smpulse.com , I spoke to them ..they have written that they are not dealing in any commercial services now ..they said ..they can help personally .. without any charges ...

Re: Re: Re: investing in stocks   friend   12/04/2016 08:52 PM  

Someone has said, investing should be boring. Which basically means, invest regularly in low cost index funds and avoid stocks as far as possible. My advice to everyone is that first thing you need to do is make sure you have invested for your retirement, invested for kids education, saved for emergency, saved for a house/car etc. and after all this if you have extra cash, then think of investing in stocks. Also, contrary to what some are suggesting, never try to 'time' the market.

When you are investing for your retirement, you have a long time horizon. Time is your best friend in investments. (read about compounding if you do not know about it). My advice to everyone is to first max out on retirement accounts, for example if your employer allows 401k, contribute to the max allowed by law. If you can, open a ROTH IRA or simple IRA. Make surer you a) choose low cost funds (typically) index funds, and a mix of diversified funds that suits your age and risk tolerance. I will also suggest vanguard,as they are known for low cost funds offering good returns. If you are in 30's you can be more aggressive and have more stocks versus if you are in 50s, you need more bonds and short term investments.

Now, if you have cash left over after all this, by all means invest in stocks. But first get some knowledge, do some research. Don't buy a stock because a 'friend' told you it is a good stock to buy. Above all, understand your risk tolerance. Stocks can go both up and down. When they go down, do you have enough tolerance to hold onto them until they recover? And how low can they go until you press the sell button? Buy low and sell high, easy to say, but tough to implement !

Just my 2 cents !

Re: Re: Re: investing in stocks   Investor.   12/05/2016 09:45 AM  
Throw a dart at stock page. It is as good as any advice you will get.

Re: Re: Re: Re: investing in stocks   wrong   12/05/2016 04:30 PM  
Thats not true. If you treat it like that, then its different.

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