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Photography Classes   AK   12/01/2016 06:07 PM  
I conduct photography classes for beginners and intermediate level proficient photographers. Please text me at 6123966888 for more details.

Re: Photography Classes   J   12/02/2016 11:21 AM  
What do you charge for beginners ? and how many session to learn basics?

Re: Re: Photography Classes   AK   12/02/2016 01:15 PM  
You'll need 5 classes of 45 minutes each. Last 2 sessions will be outdoor photography hands on.

$ 100 for all 5 sessions total.

Re: Photography Classes   Gopi   12/02/2016 03:03 PM  
Hi ,
Is included post process of RAW file?

Re: Re: Photography Classes   AK   12/02/2016 03:22 PM  
Post processing will not be covered for beginner sessions.

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