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Foul language use   Human dignity   08/01/2019 07:38 AM  
I hope CTDESI can find a way to filter and ban/remove foul language used. This is a well intentioned forum, which does help people when they ask for help or opnion and also sharing thoughts, but some people using obscene language is sad. I can see people getting upset at notes put in bad taste by some like ' want friends with benefits' etc. but we don't have to stoop down. I would say just ignore and do not respond. Hope this makes sense.

Re: Foul language use   growup   08/01/2019 02:34 PM  
Are you a baby ? Let people use whatever they want to use - its called freedom of speech. Just ignore and don't pay attention. Unfortunately the world is a tough place and its time you grow up and come out of your moms pallu.

Re: Foul language use   haha   08/02/2019 06:07 AM  
pussy, bitch, fuck off

Re: Foul language use   Support decent language   08/02/2019 11:48 AM  
I do share your thoughts with Human Dignity. It shows how see your self. For people crying freedom, don't use the language in a public forum, what you use in your home. If you can't go back to the slums you came from.

Re: Re: Foul language use   Foul language   08/02/2019 11:57 AM  
I don't think growup is grownup.
If you really dare, and boasting on freedom, then do it in a public place and see how people take it. You are hiding behind this invisible identity forum and acting like a coward.
Agree with 'Human Dignity' and the supporter as well.

Re: Re: Re: Foul language use   Happy life   08/05/2019 10:10 AM  
Very well said!!

Re: Re: Re: Foul language use   growup   08/05/2019 10:48 AM  
I can say the same for you - if someone uses foul language in public would you have the courage to walk up to them and ask them to not use it ? Or are you only brave enough to reply anonymously in this forum ? The point I was making is that the world is a tough place - using fol language is a very minor thing when there are so many bigger issues (just look at the recent shootings) in the world. So just ignore and don't be bothered. If someone uses foul language upsets you then you are in for a huge shock when something really bad happens.

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