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Khamira Gawzaban WHERE?   J   08/01/2019 11:14 AM  
Hello everybody,

Does anyone know where can I get 'Khamira Gawzaban'. It's a very popular homeopathic medicine that relaxes your brain and heart. Thanks

Re: Khamira Gawzaban WHERE?   J   08/01/2019 03:02 PM  
Guys nobody ever tried it? You are seriously missing a great thing if you nevee tried it

Re: Re: Khamira Gawzaban WHERE?   Location provided   08/02/2019 09:31 AM  
Hi...Search for "Electric blue"....You will get it from there...it is good for body brain and heart. Immediate relief i would say

Re: Khamira Gawzaban WHERE?   K   08/02/2019 09:50 AM  
simple solution is google and google shows that its available on ebay and amazon.. how cool that tiny search button is right.

Re: Re: Khamira Gawzaban WHERE?   Golti   08/02/2019 07:45 PM  
I would search for sex, that’s a better relaxation for Brains and heart and also everything.

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