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need advise on shifting items   Saket Ranjan   08/01/2019 10:14 AM  

I am moving to North Carolina on this Sunday from Stamford, CT.

I am a student so I don't have many items with me.
I have a foldable study table, chair, two trolleys,
one laptop bag, a mattress and a box filled with books.

Please advise me the best way to ship these items.
I can carry with me trolleys and laptop bag by paying extra to the airlines.

Re: need advise on shifting items   pm   08/01/2019 01:05 PM  
try moving company

Re: need advise on shifting items   imaa   08/01/2019 02:32 PM  
Sell / donate big items like mattress and table. Carry whatever you can or ship via UPS/Fedex. You have to figure out if shipping costs more than value of the item. In that case its better to throw / donate / sell.

Unfortunately moves do come with a cost.

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