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tenant lawyer   Richa   06/14/2019 05:27 PM  
I had signed up a lease with Fountain village to start my lease from 29th July and had paid them security deposit of $1190. But I had to cancel and after discussing with the lease office at manchester, I put in a form to cancel my application with the assurance that all the money would be refunded back in a month.
Now they come back and say that I have to forfeit my security deposit since I signed it and even though I have never lived there , I am liable.

Should I be hiring a lawyer and sue them for robbing me from my money as any discussion with them is not helping. Any genuine pointers please

Re: tenant lawyer   Avi   06/15/2019 05:15 PM  
Yes, Please.. You can bring lawyer in it.

Re: Re: tenant lawyer   Avi   06/15/2019 05:24 PM  

Re: Re: Re: tenant lawyer   desi   06/15/2019 09:48 PM  
Disgusting apartment people, take legal action

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