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India vs Pak.   Raghunath Subramanian   06/15/2019 09:29 AM  
Hi All,

If possible we all can meet somewhere and see the match together if anyone interested.

Re: India vs Pak.   BadName   06/15/2019 09:52 AM  
I don't like your name,it's too southy for me

Re: India vs Pak.   Donald Trump   06/15/2019 10:50 AM  
Which game ? Swimming competition between india vs Pakistan ??

Re: Re: India vs Pak.   Clinton   06/15/2019 12:07 PM  
Stripping competition between Donald and Trump.

Re: Re: Re: India vs Pak.   Good Name   06/15/2019 12:25 PM  
I am a Northie and I like South names and South people and Southern food

Re: Re: Re: Re: India vs Pak.   MATHEW   06/15/2019 01:21 PM  
It doesn.t matter with names (at) badname buddy you might have bad thoughts in your whole life Bad boy.he is asking with a good intent don't troll him!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: India vs Pak.   Ravi   06/15/2019 05:14 PM  
You guys and insane and insensitive too..Hey buddy lets meet at Kumars.

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