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Life s***s   RK   04/14/2019 09:24 PM  
I am around 40. Have a child and a very caring and loving wife. Have been inUS for 10 years and got GC about 4 years back but still in apartment, very negligible savings. I have a few chronic health issues like getting diabetes and likely osteoarthritis. Can’t have second child because of finances, health and lack of support. Some days I just feel terrible. Not sure how is everyone else holding it all together. Is there anyone who has nothing to worry about?

Re: Life s***s   vv   04/15/2019 12:34 PM  
i don't say nothing to worry about!! everyone has their own issues one way or the other, how are you doing with your diabetes right now! are you on any insulin's ? how are you dealing with osteoarthritis are you taking any medication for it? i hope everything is going to be good! don't think a lot about it!! do you have any good friends around you?

can you update your mail sir!! wanna a talk to you...

Re: Life s***s   imaa   04/15/2019 12:58 PM  
Yes, everyone does have their own issues. No ones life is perfect. Its upto you how you live life - is savings the only important thing for you? I would put health on top of the list. Please take care of that and everything will come later. Looking at the symptoms I am thinking you are obese? If so please seriously think about losing weight. Take care of yourself first - other things should come second.

Also, easier said than done, but try to focus on the positives - if you only look at the negative life will always suck. Rather than focusing on what is wrong - thing of what can be done to put it right.

Don't fall into the trap - otherwise you will add another chronic disease to the list - starts with a D.

Re: Re: Life s***s   Rk   04/15/2019 01:54 PM  
Thank you so much vv for your reply. Appreciate your time and effort. I am doing fine with diabetes and osteoarthritis. I am not even overweight. Just by controlling my diet and exercising. Once in a while I would treat myself with sweets but usually good with food.
Please don’t take me wrong, I just want to remain anonymous. Sometimes that helps, I hope you understand. And pardon me for that. Thanks!

Re: Re: Life s***s   RK   04/15/2019 02:03 PM  
Thank you IMaa for your kind words. Much appreciated. You are very right everyone has something of the other going. For me, health is very important and I take it way too seriously. And I am not big or obese. Just have the conditions because of no reasons from my side. And the worst part is I have no control over how my body reacts. Just taking one day at a time. Thank you for the support.

Re: Re: Re: Life s***s   vv   04/15/2019 02:26 PM  
I do Understand what you are saying i have a friend who has a the same kind of problem like you, he became friend to me online. and now he is in contact with me as he comes to the place where i work asking for suggestions on his INSULINS. are you from north of south? is diabetes and osteoarthritis
an hereditary issue ? i appreciate you that you are open in telling your issue. but anyhow it's up to you sir providing your mail. i am just asking if you need any further assistance on your diabetes.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Life s***s   sherkhan   04/15/2019 06:27 PM  
Rhodiola can help, it did wonders for me

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