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Home made vegetarian food :Traditional Telugu brahmin diet    S   04/14/2019 02:34 AM  
All vegetarian dishes specially Brahmin satvik food without garlic and onion can be made and delivered :specialities include : Pulihara, payasam , Garelu, boorelu, obbattu (poli) all type of chutneys, poriyals and curries also aratipuvvu, panasapottu, Arati Davva, pacchadi mukkalu, sambar, Charu, Perugu pacchadi , pongal( South Indian telugu Brahmin food specially Dravidian food) can be delivered with one day prior notice

Re: Home made vegetarian food :Traditional Telugu brahmin diet    Sundar   04/14/2019 05:56 AM  
Contact details please

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