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Question- Please respond   Need Suggestion    10/10/2018 01:51 PM  
Each time I receive a call from a relative with whom I have not spoke of late, I get scared. The only thing they call about is asking for monetary help. Since, I belong to a lower middle class family, number of such people are more.

They will be asking for money, which I know they will not return. Now how to deal with those people?

If I do not pay them they get offended and does not behave properly with my parents back in India.

I have already helped couple of them and they are not repaying and I can not ask from them. I do not have much saving as I am new here and staying with family moreover I have to look after my parents too.

How can I avoid such requests for monetary help by keeping my good relationship with them

Re: Question- Please respond   AB   10/10/2018 02:11 PM  
Thats a bad situation. Tell them you are in debt already, student, car, house loan anything.

Re: Question- Please respond   Ct babu   10/10/2018 02:45 PM  
U call them and ask them money before they call you

Re: Re: Question- Please respond   Advise   10/10/2018 03:28 PM  
When ever they call and you feel it is for money. you should Start telling your problem and high expense over here and tell them it is better to stay in India and you are not able to save anything.

Re: Question- Please respond   NK   10/10/2018 03:47 PM  
Don't help! Keep it simple. Did anyone who are seeking your help now helped you in past when you were in need? If none, then, you are not obliged to give money.

Re: Re: Question- Please respond   KS   10/10/2018 04:22 PM  
Same Problem i faced earlier, problem is " I will not say no if they ask money/help" -
One of my close friend asked money, i given by taking loan from bank for low interest. My friend didn't give money or EMI, after 1 year i started asking him daily , one day he got angry and scold me that, why you are asking daily.
He told one advice that " you should have told no when i asked money instead you given and you are in trouble and torturing me"

Its better to say no, if you say no you will be in trouble for 2 days.. But if you give money, then until you get back money you will be in problem.

While saying no, tell additionally you having loan and paying more interest so i cant give.

Re: Re: Re: Question- Please respond   Ha ha ha   10/10/2018 06:32 PM  
Next time relatives call you give them dose of CT Babu, give them this link trust me they will never bother you again.

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