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What's happening to our USA?   I am on h1b   01/11/2018 12:25 AM  

What's happening to our beloved usa ? Let's make the students run out of the stores and business stupids come here and do part times illegally and destroying our usa economy what's your thoughts ..ref to seven 11.

Re: What's happening to our USA?   U suck h1b guy   01/11/2018 09:38 AM  
Let them work . Mexicans are doing it from so many years.
Infosys tcs and tech mahindra h1 guys with 10 years of EXP work for 58k , You think students will get jobs when the billing is so less.

Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?   my 3 cents   01/11/2018 10:04 AM  
If you think Indians/Students/visa holders are hurting the US economy, you have no idea of economics, So I would suggest you stop worrying about the economy. To give you an idea, the GDP of the US is around 18 Trillion USD. The main cause for any country's GDP expansion is trade with other countries(import/export) and trade within the country(domestic). America is in trade deficit of about 5 Trillion USD (could be more) with China, this is for each year. That means $5 Trillion is flowing out of the US every year to china alone. About $1 Trillion is the annual military spending, similar amount of money goes out as free money to their citizens in the name of social security, disability and other federal grants. I don't think the total amount of money being paid as salaries to the students working in convenience stores/gas stations would go beyond $100 million per year. I hope that helps.
If you mean you are concerned about the jobs of US citizens, let me tell you, US is more socialistic than India, there are so many federal schemes that help people and a lot of citizens know how to receive it. Many of the citizens don't want to work, they don't want education(Higher Education is ridiculously expensive but lets keep that topic aside for now), they just want to enjoy.(I was referring to potential minimum wage workers because the IT professionals may not get ideal jobs(due to reduced demand caused by foreign workers) but they land decent jobs. Apart from IT, there is a bias against foreigners, so its very easy for the US citizens to find a job in law, finance, fashion and all other high paying jobs.
So, take it easy, if things don't change in these aspects, this country is going down for sure. Let me reiterate, H1B is the least of their issues, its just a political drama.

Re: What's happening to our USA?   P   01/11/2018 12:28 PM  
Fuck Indians, always trying to be cheap and try to find a way around the system !!! why cant you follow the Rules ..it will make every bodies life easier !! if India had a good application of Rules and proper system we wouldn't have to come to other countries to beg and survive like this !! I am never going back to India, everything is fucked up there, education,politics, system...even the Marriage system is getting fucked now !! The world is a lost cause !! so dont over think and do you job make money and live your life !!

Re: What's happening to our USA?   my 2 cents !!   01/11/2018 12:34 PM  
You are the worst kind of scum !! what if you are on h1b ?? did you go through the Struggle that the students go through ?? the struggle for food, money and freedom !! they pipe money into the US economy and they stay back and build a life here !! unlike you H!B scum from india ... you suck out the money from your jobs live cheaply, never tips.., buy use and return items, etc and you take back everything to India to invest !! its about time students should have their own special visa category for working !! H1b were always temporary workers and should be kept like that !! H1b shouldnt even be allowed to apply for green card.... only students with valid work should be allowed to apply green card cuz they have been long enough in this country to actually naturalize !!

Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?   my 3 cents   01/11/2018 01:08 PM  
P, stop being a Hitler. Indians were the greatest, are greatest, will be the greatest. You have a wrong notion that following rules alone makes a country great, you are wrong, please check history as how the US or British plundered other countries to become what they are today. If you were right, germany or japan would be richest economies but they aren't. Yes rules are important, we follow most rules, its the silly things that we override (if you don't believe me, answer this, what is the percentage of Indians in US prison or getting deported). We are the least involved in crime compared to any other community here in the US, we respect law the most, we are peace lovers, we a are not psychos, we are the community with highest average salary in the US. We have our strengths and weakness. If you hate being an Indian, go get a different citizenship. Stop generalizing us. Jai hind.

Re: Re: Re   Su   01/11/2018 02:25 PM  

Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?   I am on h1b   01/11/2018 03:07 PM  
Hello my 2 cents ..looks like you are one of those worked as bar tenders or restaurant waiters who upset we didn't paid tip? You are coming for education because you have food money wtf you need to work like this ? I don't think you even washed your own plate in your home ..and those posh college girls who will go and clean the little assess on name of baby sitters..probably didn't even enter kitchen back in home .. so you guys come here assuming college will be free ..if I do pastime and eat free in restaurants working as waiter are real destroyers in the USA economy I tell in my next reply

Re: Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?   Nonsense bullshit everyday...   01/11/2018 03:27 PM  
No one is destroyers of anyone...keep chill everybody...as long as u r here earn money not by selling drugs or weed though..Be happy end of the day...if u get caught fine go back its not a death punishment right...so everybody keep calm n move on...

After northy southies fight am i seeing h1b vs students vs green cards vs citizens fights Great..enough now...if ur time is bad no matter legal or illegal problems may come nobody is GOD here...Everyones struggle at end of the day is to take care of them n their families..PERIOD. America is not getting destroyed by us they themselves elected trump n got destroyed

Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?   frustrated Indian   01/11/2018 03:53 PM  
Living cheap ..on what basis ??? based Luxury apartments ???
I have seen 4 people living in 2 bed room so called luxury apartments...
I have been hearing this for long time...Indians live cheap
Indians live cheap ...
Did you ever tip in India ...no for sure because service tax is included in bill there ...

then what else ...yah ..buying used items..
have you ever fucking heard of TAG sale here in US...

If you think born in India is curse tear your passport don't ever go back to INDIA

Re: Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?   I am on h1b   01/11/2018 04:19 PM  
1) to MY 3 cents: copying answer from Quora wont suffice that the amount of
destroy these students are are doing, may be USA economy in trillions, every penny has its own reason of spending.
H1B's are not real threat to USA, as we have to undergo several regress stress to come to this position.
H1B's struggle alot to come to USA, i myself put several years of waiting for getting work Visa worked for
same client in hope of this one day,
and more over only 60K h1b's are permitted every where,but students are almost 2 lakhs every year and keep increasing
and they are eligible on OPT to work, SO do you ever heard this 2 lakh opt people got joined as fresher out of
campus? and lot of educational institutes dont have campus placement at all, almost 1lakh,60 thousand are job less
so they got hired by desi consultants, because they can work for next 3 years, none of them I repeat none of them
have any penny experience in jobs rather than those working in motels,hotels or restaurant bar tenders,
So lets take 1 batch is out and they are doing jobs on OPT, these people dont have experience or skillset
just hire some middle person to clear the interviews and to do their job, so next day morning they can copy paste
that they are doing the work, and there are other 2 batches sitting in university, as per law except
in campus they are not suppose to do any where else work and that too certain hours in a week, these 2 batches
are approxiamately 4 lakh students, out of which 3lakh 99000 will do part times and mexicans who considered as
cheap labour charge 8$ hours ( recent wages increased to 11$ in most of states, this students beat those
mexicans and ready to work for 6$).
Indian Students in U.S. for 2015 132,888, for 2016- 165,918 24.9% increase.

Re: Re: Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?   my 3 cents   01/11/2018 04:41 PM  
Copied from Quora, lol, give me the link to this content in Quora, you know what, I don't care about that. Back to the core point, whats your issue, is it that
-Too many Indians are coming here as students,
-Students get experienced jobs without experience,
-problem with Desi Consultancies?
-Students replace low wage workers?
-Students replace potential H1B candidates?

I am sorry your post provides a lot of stats but I couldn't make out your point.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?   I am on h1b   01/11/2018 04:47 PM  
Exactly all your listed points are point block!!

Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?   I am on h1b   01/11/2018 04:53 PM  
Lol one more point to my 2 cents...you as a student pumped money into us economy ? How much 20000$? For 4 years? Who asked you to pour us always says after your studies you have to go back you always agreed for that..but after coming here you work daily as waiter for tips and take those lefted meals to your roommates ..cheap life ha.. you get a call for 25$ per hour for it jobs you happily agree because you make less than that in waiter jobs .. because of you people h1bs and usa are bleeding

Re: Re: Re:    Desi   01/11/2018 05:41 PM  

Re: Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?   pity h1b   01/11/2018 05:46 PM  
32K for less than 2 years for masters !! and also we get calls for 25$, we do that because we need experience !! again we are building up in this country unlike you stealing opportunity from another citizen !! you people are bought to US as Intended labors !! we came here with choice !! we are forward thinking unlike you guys !! I seen h1B who come onsite !! i pity you guys, working 2 shifts morning work for client and in night work with indian team... work like slave and all that work and get paid the minimum !! dont come here !! haha!! I seen a H1b work on weekends and in evening too, students work because they need money !! you guys have jobs still work because you dont know when the client may pull the plug on the project !! haha

Re: Re: Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?   I am on h1b   01/11/2018 06:07 PM  
True pity h1b ..i can see your innocence in work culture 😂😂 you are doing 25$ job which actually belongs to one more citizen...the job I am doing is which is currently outsourced to India I bought back here ...so if I ever go back again the job will move Long with me to India ... Your 25$ fake job your consultancy is minting 100$ and giving 25$ to you..and on the top they feed hiring manager and reporting manager at your work location every hour which in turn becoming a practice they expecting same from h1b too

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?   FUCK OFF   01/11/2018 07:13 PM  
US was never yours. Worry about India

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?   my 3 cents   01/12/2018 09:20 AM  
(at) I am on H1b, Now, I am sure I can't help you(but I tried) and neither can you help me, so I give up.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?   I am on h1b   01/12/2018 12:45 PM  
Nothing as such my 3 cents I am happy atleast some one use some brains to understand!! The main culprits are this students who has lot of back logs or poor in studies come here because they don't have jobs back in India to show case their neighbours that that are here to do MS.. and they are ready to do all kind of cheap jobs and once that era of education is over they do same illegal things in jobs with proxy works ... those on h1b I really appreciate they are suffering alot on each step those are genuine still need to face lot of issuez

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?   my 3 cents   01/12/2018 03:30 PM  
You got me wrong, I am not agreeing with you nor want to argue with you. One cannot generalize, I know a lot of people on H1B who have no idea of their work, so its all the same, we are all from similar places, cultures, objectives which is why we fight(like poles repel). I was a student, I was on H1b, I had prior experience before becoming student, So, I know what I am mentioning. Take it easy, enjoy your weekend.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?   I am on h1b   01/12/2018 06:17 PM  
Oh you are also from same background !! So one can expect the same answer no regrets but truth is truth ...on h1b side one must and need to have min 5 years exp to clear h1b!! On statics 90% will come usa with min 5 years to 10 years ...cake expert don't work out easy and preferably mnc... students work with opt in IT work with 90% fake experience though !!

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