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Looking for household help   MK   01/12/2018 10:33 AM  
Hi, I am looking for household help in Stamford downtown CT. If someone is available please leave your contact information

Re: Looking for household help   looking for work   01/12/2018 11:19 AM  
Bhabi ji my wife is looking for work. She can cook, clean and look after kids very well, but she cant speak english. How much compensation are you willing to give. When do you want me to send her over for an interview?

Re: Re: Looking for household help   MK   01/17/2018 11:39 PM  

Does she speak Hindi? And give me your contact information so that I can speak to her about work and compensation. I need her from next week.


Re: Re: Re: Looking for household help   MK   01/19/2018 12:07 AM  
Hi, let me know any contact number so that I can call you.

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