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Illegal immigrants being deported that are caught working 7-eleven    Curious lady    01/10/2018 06:25 PM  
Hi guys today nearly 100 7 eleven store were raided in finding illegal workers that are working. Be cautious fellow worKershaw and store owners. Civil and criminal penalty will be given

Re: Illegal immigrants being deported that are caught working 7-eleven    helper   01/10/2018 09:14 PM  
Yes, that is authentic news. ICE is targeting 7 eleven for illegal employees - https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/10/us/7-eleven-raids-ice.html

This could just be the start, it could be Gas stations/ Desi stores next. Savdhaan my illegal friends and people who employ these illegal people.

Re: Re: Illegal immigrants being deported that are caught working 7-eleven    GJ   01/10/2018 10:01 PM  
This move was just made to create a hype, after all trump promised his supporters to send back the illegals. He just did it so owners fire the illegals in panic and he can take credit for it. Maybe ICE will raid once again just to give a gesture that they are gonna come after every business that hires illegals, but that is it. They can NEVER EVER penalize all or even half of the businesses that hire illegals.

Here's why:
We simply don't have enough resources to go after all the businesses. Forget all, I would be REALLY SURPRISED if we can even afford to go after as less as 5 percent of all the businesses with illegal workforce. But hey listen, if you still like to be EXTRA EXTRA cautious, send all the illegals on a holiday for a month.

By the way, I personally support this move. I really think businesses should only hire people who are legal to work in the US. Illegals get treated like slaves here, especially by our Desi community. But it is simply impossible to solve this huge problem this easily.

Re: Re: Re: Illegal immigrants being deported that are caught working 7-eleven    k   01/11/2018 01:55 AM  
Look at the larger picture. Every and any immigrant-specific news in Trump's era is spread like a wild fire, sometimes people do not even bother to read the actual bill, news etc but it's spread internationally an blown out of proportion.

Not just the Indian owners and managers are watching this news of raiding,but the ENTIRE country- when it's already in a HOSTILE state towards immigrants. Regardless of ICE's capacity to raid every store, PEOPLE are being made more and more AWARE each and every day,about what Indians do in the US. These students and the owners have to live in fear every minute of their working - for you don't know who might get a doubt and complain. I personally know a recent case of such.
Time is up for Indians involved in illegal activities, you will have to watch over your shoulders and have sleepless nights constantly.

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