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Lost and Found   Curious Desi   01/08/2018 12:07 PM  
Hi Folks

Does anyone have an experience of missing purse and had it returned back. If you have any experience can you please share

Re: Lost and Found   Just like that   01/08/2018 12:45 PM  
And y are you so interested in this topic??

Re: Lost and Found   sk   01/08/2018 01:01 PM  
Yes lost once and a stranger mailed it after two weeks seeing the address. Another time lost a credit card and didnt realize that I lost it until someone ordered a camera. They were waiting near my house to collect it by themselves. But I was there by coincidence , found this shit scam and returned the delivery.

Re: Lost and Found   E   01/08/2018 02:57 PM  
I lost my passport few years back on domestic flight.. 3 days later, one lady called me and did overnight fedex to me on her expenses.. Fortunately I had my card with US contact info in the passport pouch.

Re: Re: Lost and Found   Married women   01/10/2018 05:33 PM  
Actually I lost my virginity and sadly no one returned me !! Let me know if any one find it!!

Re: Re: Re: Lost and Found   Desi   01/10/2018 06:59 PM  
I once was stranded on a highway where there was no signal and I had a flat tire, in order to call AAA i needed that but to no avail, started flagging cars and no body would stop then a car full with beautiful women pulled over and they called AAA for me.

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