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Agynathavasi only 5.75   R   01/09/2018 12:19 PM  
Only tomorrow at westspringfield theater
Hurry hurry
U can use fndango code Googlepay2018
and make it better
Only 2.25

Re: Agynathavasi only 5.75   kk   01/09/2018 04:20 PM  
westspringfield is in MA right

Re: Agynathavasi only 5.75   Telugu Guy   01/09/2018 05:10 PM  
These teluuuguuuu people will pay 30$

They dont care about money

Re: Re: Agynathavasi only 5.75   Telugu    01/09/2018 05:17 PM  
True what's the life if we don't watch movie in first week only !! Not 30$ secret is we are ok to watch if they keep 40$ also

Re: Re: Agynathavasi only 5.75   r   01/09/2018 05:19 PM  
Yes Only on 1/10/18 all shows 2.25 if u use the fandango code. or 7.25 with convenience fee

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