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AWD car   Car   01/07/2018 08:55 PM  
Looking to buy cars... Do we really need an AWD car in this weather or can we manage with regular sedan?

Re: AWD car   my 3 cents   01/08/2018 09:24 AM  
I have been using sedan for over 5 years, it is tricky at some places in winter. I will get a AWD next time. Just my 3 cents.

Re: AWD car   no difference   01/08/2018 01:07 PM  
It can only help a little bit.

Re: Re: AWD car   laddo   01/08/2018 02:54 PM  
People have lots of misconception about AWD. Foremost being of course that it helps to drive in snow. AWD only helps if you are stationary and stuck in one location. It will give traction and pull you out of snow. It however, does not help once a car is in motion. Therefore, more than AWD what you need is a car with good anti-skid safety features, which almost all new cars will have. Plus you need practice and skill to drive in snow ice (SLOOOW down, give enough stopping distance, better still dn't drive if you don't have to etc.). So don't worry about AWD, it gives mental satisfaction only more important is how you drive.

BTW, living in CT for past 15 years and drive sedans with no AWD. Never had a problem, except for the occasional minor skid.

Re: Re: Re: AWD car   helper   01/08/2018 03:00 PM  
I agree with the above post, but will add that the most important thing is good tires. If your tires are old you will not get traction and no amount of anti skid or AWD or ABS etc., technology will help you. So make sure you have good tires and secondly have good driving habits in snow. Most accidents happen because of these two things, bad tires and/or driving too aggressively for the conditions.

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