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Professional Astrology Consultant  
NNV   2019-04-03 19:50:50  
I am a professional astrology consultant for the past 12+ years with expertise in complete horoscope(Niryan and KP). With only your date of birth, time and place I can predict your complete kundli for any questions or overall prediction.
No need of any havan or rings or chains as part of any solution. Only real prediction and reasonable solutions will be provided. Fees only $15 for lifetime. Languages known Hindi, Marathi, Gujurati, English. Customers can also contact again for future questions. Customers can also order to make new kundlis for any age in English.

Contact at +1475-685-8050 or email ctworkoffers (at) gmail.com

   2019-04-03 19:50:51  

No insurance  
craigslistfond   2015-03-01 09:30:11  
my father will be visiting to US soon. He may have to take intravenous during his stay.
I am looking for some RN to help me out on this situation.
respond me at craigslistfondatgmaildotcom
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